Non-religious ceremonial group gathering to support the shifting from human doing to human being.


If you have an existing community and a venue to hold satsangs in, please get in touch.

Uniting in presence, we pay regular visits to ourself. Individually but supported and held by the collective. The focus is on strengthening our personal connection with the purity of being that all knowing arises from.

In times of constantly increasing presence of digital reality, screens and A.I., the true human presence and connection is essential. Frank Move Satsang promotes space of stillness and peace in the united field of shared collective consciousness.

We are living in the era of expanding consciousness and our awareness is stretching out into realms we are not familiar with. The effect of our rapidly changing world can be overwhelming so coming back to basics such as breath, body, voice or physical togetherness is anchoring our sense of being in the heart.

Navigating through the unknown can be scary so we need a lot of grounding and simplicity. The ceremonial format of satsangs offers such grounding and simplicity in its safe and reliable structure.

We are:

  • synchronising in breath
  • uniting in silence
  • vocalising presence
  • finding words
  • being heard
  • being seen
  • experiencing music
  • consciously moving through space
  • offering and receiving

You don't have to be more flexible, more physically able, more spiritually aware, more this or that.
You are perfect just as you are.
Just show up and connect.
And tell your grandma & grandpa to join you too!

120 min
mix of verbal & non-verbal practices
uniting in silence, meditative movements, voicing and sounding, sharing
phones & intoxicants free event