I dance.
And when I do, I channel a lot of energy.
This energy is divine because it feels very light, playful and it's charged with joy.
It is bringing courage, empowerment and inspiration.

I dance because the way I feel music is indescribable.
Music and dance is the language of my soul.
Sometimes I also get lost in making beats and writing songs.
I used to sing a lot as a child and then, in my twenties, I formed a band who I performed my songs with.

Lately, I've been drumming in a local percussion group playing timbal.
I DJ. Again, after 20 years of gap. It comes in handy when running movement workshops.
I also love to rollerskate. I skate to the music and it feels like flying.
Curiosity about art comes naturally to me - design, architecture, fine art and all the beauty of life.

Born in Taurus but with a lot of fire in my natal chart.
Astrology is my new hobby - the essential mathematical probability in the unknown.
I love satsangs, talking to people, diversity, philosophy and generally everything that's incentivised by the question why.
Most of the time, I feel like an extraterrestrial but it comes with a pretty cool cosmic shamanic vibe.

My breath carries sound. 

My blood flows in endless groove.

My heart beats in harmony.

My mind thinks in volume.

My body moves in rhythm.

My soul orchestrates it all in unison.

As Frank as I can be,

I let my spirit free.


Experienced teacher in verbal and non-verbal fields.

Embodiment Coach, accredited by International Coaching Federation.

Neurolanguage Coach, accredited by International Coaching Federation.

Master's degree in Education specialised in Art.

Personally explored many forms of conscious movement and dance practices in various workshops and classes.

Consistently involved in the growing conscious movement, music and dance community.

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