Relax into the flow of your body and connect with the most natural source of energetic balance.

currently available only for private groups
public sessions are coming soon

Various venues
South London around Crystal Palace
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Facilitated group meditations that move you inwards.

You don't have to be more flexible, more physically able, more spiritually aware, more this or that.
You are perfect just as you are.
All you have to do is to be kind to yourself to show up and be you.
And tell your grandma & grandpa to join you too! ;-)

60 min
non-verbal practice
music curated to support the movement journey
dress comfortably, activewear recommended
barefoot (google benefits) or soft footwear if medical reasons
phones & intoxicants free event

This is a practice alternative to widely known seated meditations. Alongside the breath, we bring movement into the focus. We start from small and gentle moves and progressively expand into full body presence.

We go through the main seven energetic centres and work the pathways by various moves. There's music that guides our journey and we follow the feeling in the body to bring us into balance.

The synchronised movements of the group unite the collective energy and support our sense of peace, individual strength and heart-based power. So ...