Explore the truth of your own body and bring it into alignment with your heart and mind.
This is a unique workshop in the making that brings together various movement techniques and personal development styles. I am very passionate about it and all my heart goes into it. It's a creative way of learning and understanding the language of the body and exploring its connection to the soul. Please read below for further description and join me in the co-created experience. I look forward to moving with you. - Frank

currently in the laboratory development phase
private groups

Various venues
South London

around Crystal Palace

Creative small group workshops that are exploring the connection between mindsets, patterns of thinking & feeling and their physical expressions. 

You don't have to be more flexible, more physically able, more spiritually aware, more this or that.
You are perfect just as you are.
All you have to do is to be kind to yourself to show up and be you.
And tell your grandma & grandpa to join you too! ;-)

90 min
various creative communication styles including words, sounds & movement
music curated to support the process
dress comfortably, activewear recommended
phones & intoxicants free event

It is simple. For instance, when we experience too much stress, our breath is shallow and our body is tense. That leads to various aches and pains. Now, what if it works vice versa? And what if we flip it over and start from the end?

We take a vision and move through it. Think a dance rehearsal but we all co-create the choreography to express the vision. We creatively explore how it feels, the way we walk, talk, move and have the whole group supporting us along the way.  We get curious, adventurous and inspired until we become it.

The energetic imprint you tap into on the physical level is what stays with you and serves as a beacon. At first in a far distance but getting closer as you follow its navigation. So ...