Free style group dance sessions for non-professional dancers. 
(as well as professionals seeking unchoreographed dancing)

You don't have to be more flexible, more physically able, more spiritually aware, more this or that.
You are perfect just as you are.
 All you have to do is to be kind to yourself to show up and be you.
And tell your grandma & grandpa to join you too! ;-)

120 min
non-verbal practice
music of various beats & styles  - DJ 
dress comfortably, activewear recommended
barefoot (google benefits) or soft footwear for medical reasons
phones & intoxicants free event

Dance as new yoga - a fun and simple self care practice. Imagine a light fitness class turned into a dance party. We connect with all parts of our body and unite in the movement with the whole group. We move as one, then let go and come back again.

It is described as holistic because we bring our full awareness to it and dance mindfully. We don't talk so that we stay fully present in the movement and make space for magic. We refocus inwards and allow our truly authentic dance to come out following the musical journey as it happens in the moment. 

It is about the joy of allowing the expression we normally suppress. It is about connecting with the part of ourselves that enjoys the secret dance at home when nobody's watching. It is about the liberating process of letting go and just being ourselves

There's music and we move to it. Frank-move to it! So it's lively, authentic, courages, bold, free and... well, frank! So ...