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What does FM stand for, actually?

Traditionally, FM is an abbreviation for frequency modulation: a radio system for broadcasting that produces a very clear sound.

Alternatively, FM is an abbreviation for frank move: a movement practice for modulating frequency that emanates high vibration.

FM project

Frank Move offers various conscious movement practices that support your personal journey to shining your light.

  • a way to shift energy and raise personal vibration
  • a non-verbal practice where we switch the mind-focus off and refrain from explaining, clarifying, reasoning, justifying and just all the talking
  • an attunement into deeper sense of connection with life within you
  • a way of moving our body with focus and full awareness
  • a joyful exploration of being in full presence in the here and now
  • a journey into courage, strength and empowerment
  • a practice of maintaining balance
  • a dance of the mind, body and soul

Our body stores immensely lot of memories. When we break out of the physical patterns by movement, we shift the emotional and rational patterns too. Everything is interconnected and many areas of our life are run subconsciously. Sometimes we struggle finding words for the complexities of our feelings and thoughts so dance and movement can serve as a great tool of expression. We address it but we don't have to explain it, just allow it and move through it. That alone can bring a powerful liberation and healing. 

Let's allow ourselves to feel life and live in freedom and abundance. So...


FM logo

Two lines stylised as waves to resemble the shape of letters F and M. It can stand by itself as a symbol only or go with the words 'frank' and 'move'. Both have multiple meanings. Apart from Frank being a male name, it can also read as an adjective - meaning sincere, transparent, honest. The word 'move' can function as a verb - to move something, or a noun - to make a move. In this context, Frank Move is a wordplay that suggests the shifting meaning.

The F wave representing the ability of being frank holds the spiritual value. It is forming a roof over M representing movement as a physical expression of life. The shape of M is inspired by curves when monitoring heartbeat and/or visuals of music when seen in editing softwares.

The colour purple is rare in nature therefore it is typically associated with the mystical and divine aspects of life. Words tied to its meaning are abstract, such as wisdom, devotion, intuition or imagination. The purple of F in the logo is symbolically linked to the meaning of connection with what is beyond the physical realm. In the system of energetic centres of our body, it represents the spiritual and cosmic gateway. 

The colour green is plentiful in our surroundings and is universally associated with nature, growth and vitality. Words strongly connected to its meaning tend to be more figurative and physical, such as trees, forests, plants, food, as well as physical health or movement. The green of M in the logo is symbolically linked to nature and cycles of life, the ever changing movement. In the chakra system, it represents the fourth chakra of the heart.

FM vision

It keeps unfolding.

In a nutshell, the vision is to make free dance a regular self-care practice so that people get to experience the therapeutical, liberating and uplifting effect of it which makes everyone's heat full of joy and vitality. The more happy hearts we have, the better the world we live in. 

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